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  • Finance, Investment, Advisory Services


    Bespoke Advisory Services in Alternative Investments and Structured Finance
  • Numera

    A global view

    An expertise of global market to support Corporates and Institutional Managers

Our expertise

A recognized expertise in the fields of

Specialized financings on alternative assets both movable, such as commercial aircraft, shipping vessel, container box, corporate fleet, and infrastructure projects


Real estate investment

Financing of growth and key stages of corporate development

Management of liquidity and long-term investments

Our services

Finance & Strategic Advisory

Financing Expertise for on-going needs and for special operations of Corporations and Asset Managers

Investment Advisory

Industry Advisory services to funds, asset managers and family offices

The business proposition of Numera

Tailored, pragmatic and actionable banking and finance solutions…

You have capital raising needs but can’t decide among the various bank offers and/or the equity alternatives? I am here to sort it out, bringing in a total cost analysis (upfront fee, recurring interest margin, prepayment fee, hidden costs); with an analysis of your equity decisions on independence or control of your company

An external expert with 25 plus year track record and independent vision…

You are surrounded by financiers reading their book? I let you determine your priorities: medium term needs, independence of management, international development, My goal is to let you talk finance on an equal footing

In-depth and 360° management of all aspects of financing and international development…

You are changing of dimension, of size or geography? Your shareholders press you with tricky questions? I know the state-of-mind of the Manager who needs to keep the big picture view and I bring you this independent arm to shoulder you

Live your adventure with the spirit of an industrial bank: an advisor, a banker and an investor…

You have a passion for the industrial (or marketing) aspects of your company? I took part this industrial adventure many times by providing more than just finance, with also strategic advisory and long term commitment to your growth

Transparency of financier language and insights to help you convince your financiers…

As an entrepreneur, your forte is not accounting? As an innovator and disruptor, you are not spending enough time on finance? I come to bring you the « code » and vocabulary for your pitches to financiers

Share with you the conduct of change, minding the management of your teams during key transition periods…

Are you opening a foreign subsidiary? Are you conducting the turnaround of a subsidiary? I have led these pivotal development phases towards profitability. Your key focus is to embark your teams with you on this project