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Our credentials

You are facing working capital needs in your early stage of development?

We have put in place a Club deal of 5 banks for a transportation company

There are construction delays impacting the delivery of your turn-key project?

We have crafted a calendar and bank debt repackage for an oil services company

Your are preparing your response to an RFP (request for proposal) in Asia?

We have put in place a back-up line for a European builder

Your cash position is under stress due to faster growth than expected?

We have monetized industrial equipment for a rail company in the US

Sales financing is among your options of development?

We have put in place leasing solutions for an aircraft manufacturer

Properly balance the tenor of your Assets and Liabilities?

We have negotiated the repayment of a leasing solution and the extension of bank debt for an Asian airline

You are in external growth mode with the acquisition of a client portfolio?

We came up with the Business Plan and the investor relations framework for a financial institution to complete the sale

You are investing in a new Asset class?

We have put together the business plan and development of a Commercial Real Estate fund in Asia and Australia

Diversification of your Portfolio into Alternative Assets such as Aviation or Movable assets?

We created a debt fund in commercial aviation in the USA

You are monetizing your accounts receivables to manage your cash?

We make the comparison among various solutions such as factoring and securitization for an equipment lessor