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Finance & Strategic Advisory

The financing requirements of your Company are leading towards growing or more complex capital and debt needs, with 1) issues revolving around fix or floating rates, 2) FX exposure, 3) bank fees in excess of market benchmark, and 4) legal terms requiring specific negotiation skills, then Numera can advise you all along the process.

  • In particular if your financing cost in 2020 is above 3%, you should come discuss with us to identify alternatives
  • Similarly, if your growth strategy involves several business lines with specific financing needs, Numera could help you repackage your credit lines, in order to secure the best suited finance solution, this being recourse or non recourse, on or off-balance sheet.

There are various modes of financing we may work together on: senior debt, mezzanine or junior debt, equity raising, debt with corporate recourse, dedicated non recourse debt on specific assets (operating or finance lease), dedicated debt on specific project with limited recourse to sponsor, bridge financing, warehouse facilities, bank pool/syndication, factoring of receivables and asset backed securitization.

Financing Advisory for Corporates and Asset Managers for daily needs and special operations
  • Structured asset finance
  • Infrastructure project finance
  • Debt restructuring
  • Audit of your bank relations ; diversification of bank pool ; benchmarking
  • Relations with banks and investors: roadshow, regular updates, presentations
  • Support on financial matters in special operations: strategic moves, set up of activity or branch
  • Challenging of business plan
  • Fund raising strategy and implementation
  • Acquisition and sale of platform
  • International development

Services for daily needs of Corporates

Relations with banks

  • Audit of existing relations (cost of service, diversification of credit focus, availability, technicity of Relationship Manager etc.)
  • Avenues of diversification of the banking pool and plan of communication

Management of Cash position

  • Planification financière

Bank finance

  • Specific structured finance
  • Renegotiation of terms & conditions

Key indicators and planification tools

  • Implementation of turnaround strategies
  • Back to profit project management
  • Dashboards

Negotiation in English

Services for special operations of Corporates

Strategic development of corporates: creation, acquisition or disposal

  • Pistes de diversification du pool investisseurs, plan de « communication » auprès des financiers

Relations with shareholders and IR

  • Confidential Information Memorandum drafting, quarterly updates
  • Disposal in Asset deal or Share deal

Special situation and specialized industries debt structuring

  • Structured finance
  • Restructuring
  • Benchmarking of RFP responses

Management of international development

  • Audit of achievements and prospects
  • Diversification of international bank pool
  • Relations with international investors

Negotiation with the anglo-saxons codes and habits